Payroll Bureau Services

Payroll Bureau for Agency Workers

Contractors and temporary workers can make the most of their income by using the Gift Aid Umbrella Company service to cater for the administration, payroll and claiming of expenses. Here is a taste of what we have to offer:

  • Low fees just £25 per week worked.
  • No extra or hidden charges, no joining or leaving fees, no fees for expenses.
  • We're fully compliant with HMRC rules and regulations.
  • All payments are made by BACS transfer so they will be ready in your account by the end of each payroll week
  • You're fully covered by our insurance
  • We’re not affiliated with any agencies or unions so we’re distraction free and can concentrate on getting you paid when you need it

Gift Aid Umbrella Service is a safe and tax efficient way helping you maximise you take home pay every week.

Payroll Solutions for Charities & Companies Solution s for Charities & Companies

We provide a complete payroll solution to charities and companies. Our comprehensive service includes:


  • Tax planning

  • Registering your organization as an employer

  • Preparing monthly or weekly payroll records  as per instructions

  • Calculation of all necessary deductions

  • Providing payslips (and P60 year end certificates) to your employees

  • Electronic payment of your PAYE and national insurance liabilities

  • Dealing with the Tax Office on your behalf

  • Filing your end of year obligations.