Charity Formation & Registration Service

What Are The Benefits Of Charity Formation?

  1. You are able to give the public the assurance of being accountable to the Charity Commission

  2. Recognition of charitable status from the Inland Revenue for tax relief purposes. You will not normally have to pay income/corporation tax (in the case of some types of income), capital gains tax, stamp duty, and gifts to charities are free of inheritance tax

  3. A lot of Charitable Foundations will only give to registered charities. You may be able to raise funds from the public, grant-making trusts and local government more easily than non-charitable bodies.

  4. Automatic entitlement to rates relief (varies between the UK countries). You pay no more than 20% of normal business rates on the buildings which they use and occupy to further their charitable purposes.

The idea of registering a charity is a noble one; however it can be difficult to see the benefits in the face of the various procedures that are required to do so. However, for the most part the benefits make this process worthwhile.


Our services are perfectly suited to those interested in setting up a charity, and can provide the following benefits;

Similarly to our company formation service, we are able to lend an experienced hand in charity formation and registration – which can often become complex, especially when you’re focussed on the day-to-day activities of charity fundraising.


How To Register A Charity

Using our charity formation service when you’re thinking of registering a charity is a fantastic way to be sure you are well set-up. You will have all you need to continue with your charitable activities following on from this.


  • We advise on the appropriate legal structure for the charity.

  • We put together the governing documents for you.

  • We obtain registration for you from both the Charity Commission and Companies House.

  • We assist with all the initial formalities you will need including organising your bank accounts, notifying local authoritie and utility suppliers on your charity status (for rates, VAT and climate levy relief) organising your stationery.

We offer a full service for charity organisations, from initial set-up to more advanced accounting for charities further down the line. Contacting us about charity formation is the first step.


Get in touch with one of our helpful and friendly team to register a charity today.

Charity Formation From Gift Aid Services

Our charity registration services offer the following features;


At Gift Aid Services we will get registration with Charity Commission for you, even if you do not have the income of £5000.  Talk to us, we can help.