Helping You Setting Up A Charity

Setting Up A Charity With Gift Aid Services

With a charity focussed on a cause, it’s natural to want to put all efforts into helping that cause and not be weighed down by such considerations.

One of the biggest challenges when setting up a charity is determining how to maximise your returns. It’s a methodical process that requires a great deal of experience and know how, something which many charities might not want to focus on.

Gift Aid Services provide a variety of services designed to help charities maintain their focus on their cause and leave the technical details in experienced hands.

Gift Aid, Charity Registration & Payroll Bureau Services


If you’re wondering how to set up a charity or the process of charity registration, it is difficult to know where to start – our charity registration service can help make the process quick and simple.

As you begin to receive contributions, taking advantage of our gift aid recovery service can help you keep more of your donations by reclaiming some of the tax. This allows you to focus on your charity whilst maximising the return it ultimately makes.

We’re also able to provide payroll bureau services to ease the burden of dealing with administration, payroll and expenses – which ultimately allows a charity to make the most of their income.

Other Charity Organisations Services

One of the main philosophies of Gift Aid Services is to provide a comprehensive range of services to help the charities we work with become more effective.

As a result, we provide services including accounting for charities, charity training for trustees and treasurers and many other charity management services to ensure anyone we work with can get help for every aspect of their day-to-day business.

If you would like to use any of our services, or you would like to know more, please contact us for more information.

Achievements Of Gift Aid Services Projects


We recovered gift aid for a church to the total of over £100,000 (pounds), which helped them to purchase their property.​ 

Gift Aid Services recovered gift aid for a charity regularly which has helped them to improve their monthly cash flow. They have been able to employ a youth worker to further the objectives of the charity.​

We obtained charity status for a church, they have now received grant because of their charitable status.

Gift Aid Services Testimonials

“I had a desire to start some charitable work in Malawi. Gift Aid Services helped to bring this desire into a reality. They advised us on the legal structure suitable for our charity and completed the charity registration process for us with the commission.”

​“They also gave us excellent training for our trustees to help them with their role.”

​“Our charity work in Malawi is now growing because our income has increased through the gift aid recovery; thanks to Gift Aid Services, they have helped turn our dream into a reality.”  Mrs L. Smith